Behind every gift there’s a story…

Giving is for many things. It’s for a saying thank you, for sending warm wishes, and for saying ‘I love you.’

At Bonnie & Pop we understand that, and we put our hearts into each and every one of our products. Each gift is carefully curated and crafted, bringing you something fresh, unique and delicious.

We know that giving is an art, and that gifting needs to make both the recipient and the giver feel appreciated.

We are a mother and daughter owned business. Our roots go back to Bonnie and Pop, two exceptional grandparents who devoted their lives to making people happy. We hope our gifts will do the same.

Happy Gifting!
Bonnie & Pop.



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We strive to make sure every product is exactly what you wanted. If it’s not perfect let us know. We’ll try our hardest to make it right.


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