Snack Attack Tray & Basket

Snack Attack Tray & Basket


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Surprise the giftee with this adorable apple-shaped tray that unfolds into a beautiful basket. Inside they’ll find a treasure trove of gourmet dried fruits and nuts, from luscious California yellow peaches and tangy kiwi slices to California dates and Tamari almonds. Vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free makes this is the perfect treat to delight all of your family and friends, including the health conscious. Serves up to 10 people.


What's Included:

Mango Slices, Mediterranean Apricot, California Yellow Peaches, Pears, Washington State Apple Wedges, Kiwi Slices, California Dates, Angelina Plums, Prunes, Tamari Almonds and Cashews.