Our Mission

“We believe in the magic of gifting, of chance encounter, and unexpected surprises.”

Just as Bonnie and Pop built a legacy on infusing joy into the lives of others, we strive to create gourmet treats that not only inspire bite-sized moments of serendipity and happiness but also awaken cherished memories and moments of connection. It’s not just about checking names off lists, it’s about finding the gift that makes them smile from ear to ear, that gives them goosebumps…that says, “you’re loved”. Let’s put serendipity back into the art of gift giving.

Our Story

We’re here to stir up some magic, bring serendipity into people’s lives and help you reimagine the art of gift giving.

You sink your teeth into the first, decadent bite and you’re immediately transported to your grandmother’s kitchen where she always let you lick the cake batter-covered beaters. Another bite and you can almost taste the icing from your favorite childhood birthday cake. Our gourmet gifts have the power to stir all of these unforgettable memories, while also creating new ones. This is the serendipity of gifting. This is the magic of Bonnie & Pop. goosebumps…that says, “you’re loved”. Let’s put serendipity back into the art of gift giving.

It All Started With Bonnie and Pop

Our story of serendipity begins with two immigrant families who settled in Danielson, Connecticut—one had a son (Pop), the other a daughter (Bonnie). To give their children the best opportunities possible, they sent them to the Big Apple. They’d go on to graduate, get married, raise their own families, and become pillars of their communities before serendipity stepped back in and Bonnie and Pop’s lives intertwined when Bonnie’s son wed Pop’s daughter.

Connie & Mookie
The Sweetness Of Serendepity

We believe that serendipity takes on many forms. Inspired by the legacy of Bonnie and Pop, our mother-daughter team creates every day moments of serendipity in every thoughtfully crafted confection. Many of our gourmet treats are nestled in beautiful keepsakes to safely store photos, knick-knacks and memories that you hold dear long after the last treat has been savored. Serendipity is all around us, but sometimes we need something special to remind us of its magic. So we create gifts that inspire it.

Our Founders


Mookie Deitsch

If you reach out to B&P, chances are good you’re going to be chatting with Mookie. She’s known for her infectious laugh, her energetic spirit, and her love for all things chocolate-covered. You can expect she will always be the first one to hit the dance floor and the last one to leave it!

Connie Deitsch

Being the daughter of Bonnie and Pop, Connie certainly comes by her love of gifting and giving back honestly. When she’s not whipping up delicious treats of her own, she’s planning her next vacation, or curling up with the newest bestselling thriller and a generous helping of Almond Clusters (just don’t ask her to share).