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Tidings of Truffle and Joy Assortment

Tidings of Truffle and Joy Assortment


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They’ll be a flurry of excitement when they open up this jolly red keepsake to uncover a Santa’s sackful of delectable truffles. They’ll feel like a child again as they let flavors of Cheesecake, Peanut Butter Caramel and Sugar Cookie dance through their heads (and on their tongues). It’s a sleigh ride for the senses.


What's Included:

Foiled Caramel Balls, Champagne Milk Truffle, Champagne Dark Truffle, Butter Pecan White Truffle, Coffee Dark Truffle, Amaretto Milk Truffle, Amaretto White Truffle, Maple Milk Truffle, Maple Dark Truffle, Tiramisu White Truffle, Tiramisu Dark Truffle, Hazelnut Milk Truffle, Hazelnut Dark Truffle.